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Devil Boy

I’ll be over here for a while.

I hate that I get really upset when on this account.

I can’t even work out why it happens anymore.

I think I’ve given up on that, but it still hurts.

I was in Los Angeles, actually, at the time. Dave Edmunds said to me, just matter-of-fact, ‘Oh, by the way, I forgot to tell you, George Harrison would like you to produce some stuff with him.’ You know, ‘by the way.’ If I could’ve picked one guy I wanted to work with, it would have been George. I was stunned, really.

Jeff Lynne, Rolling Stone, 22 October 1987


Mike Love and George Harrison have a battle-of-the-beards.


Mike Love and George Harrison have a battle-of-the-beards.

I'd Have You Anytime (early take) - George Harrison | 419 plays
Let It Be Me (demo) - George Harrison | 661 plays

✦ I’d Have You Anytime ✦

Worrying her bottom lip, Olivia barely has time to think of a proper comeback. A snappy one! “Try not to miss your flight.” As if he could— She doubted he’d fly public commercial. Far too much headache.

"I’m see you then." Click.

The next 24 hours are a true test of her sanity. Olivia spends the evening in her loft apartment, collaborating a pile of attractions to keep the former Beatle entertained with during his stay. All the expected ones, of course, but also a bistro here, a park there. A touch of her own personal preferences. Perhaps he’d like that.

The entire sleepless night, George’s voice fills the spaces in her fretful head. All Things Must Pass, played to pieces, spins idly on her turntable. 

It’s the next day, sitting at her desk, that really puts Liv on edge. Every time the door opens, she looks up, only to be disappointed. Pft. Just businessmen, as usual. They don’t pay enough attention to notice her jumpy, jerky movements. They usually don’t, in fact.

She hasn’t had this much pent-up excitement since she was seventeen. Help! had just been released. And she and all her little girlfriends, being teenage girls, just wanted the album so, so badly. 

But of course, she had a practiced coolness to cover her excitement. A calmness. You had to, in a demanding line of work such as this. With angry businessmen and frustrating new office machinery, gah.

Was it noon already? {Good Lord, Harrison.}

Liv smirks. If he was doing this just to drive her mad…

It was working!

A swift response from her had him grinning from ear to ear, her mention of his flight making him feel a little airsick, suddenly. It had been a while since his stomach had played havoc in the few hours between standing on solid ground, to reaching new heights above the clouds upon a rather unstable plane; at least, in his mind, it wasn’t so safe. He made no sound the young woman could have mistaken as fear, though.

Before he had the time to respond, a dull buzz sounded through the phone and he realised, the conversation was no longer ongoing. He considered the possibility that she was just as nervous as he was. Perhaps that was the real reason behind his chaotic tummy; he did not want to make a bad impression and of that, he was certain.

George found himself unable to settle that evening and prior to setting foot onboard a plane that once again looked unsafe, he hadn’t managed to catch a wink of sleep. Lucky for him - though, an air hostess walked on by and suggested her get some rest, for their journey may be a lengthy one. Just a couple of hours onward, he was lightly shaken by the same friendly face and ushered off of the plane.

He grabbed a quick coffee from a starbucks he had spotted as soon as he left the terminal, sipping at it every once in a while as it was still rather hot. Ah—" a warm smile danced its way onto his lips as he found his desired location, crossed the street, swiped his boots on the dainty little mat outside the door and entered - a bell overhead startling him a little. As a result, the polystyrene cup of boiling, dark liquid in his hand went flying forward and onto a feathery white carpet.

Oh.. shit" the curse flew out without much thought and in turn, his hand shot up to cover an unpleasant mouth; a soft pink tint hoping to free him from receiving a complaint over poor manners. Forgive me.. I’ll clean this up" his eyes remained on the horrid stain he’d caused and he scrubbed away at it with his sleeve, though his attempts were fruitless.


I’ll probably make this post and reblog it everytime that I reblog This House Is Ours thread, just to keep my new followers or new readers aware that:

  1. George is not abusing Pattie. He suffered a demonic possession by a demon called Samael, who is the one that is being abusive.
  2. Yes I do roleplay violence and stuff like that but I do not encourage it whatsoever neither I think it’s cool or something like that. Don’t get me wrong at all. It’s just like writing a book with that or a movie script that contains that. The difference is that this is roleplaying.
  3. If you want me to put any other tag in this or any other thread you can say and I will do it.
  4. You should not read if you can’t handle the content.