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              “Am I allowed to give out condoms to trick-or-treaters if I run out of candy, or would that be frowned upon?”

       { Liv, no. }

I.. you.. come again, love?" he took a step back and pondered over that for a moment; would it really be that bad of an idea — or would parents appreciate the message being passed over to their children that it’s absolutely vital to always carry protection…? You know, give it a try, what’s the worst that could happen…" his lips curled upward as he lost control and outright laughed at the suggestion.


In a perfect world, such finalities did not exist. There would be no worries and no more pain. But it just so happened, we did not live in a perfect world. Lives were torn apart in the blink of an eye and no one would bat an eyelash. Not even family or friends brought comfort enough to rid the mind of its insecurities. And he seemed to have many. Too many; ailments that kept him awake all night, every night. Nothing meant anything to him these days. Not even his beloved Lord – which he found to be the first warning sign.

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The Redlight District

Upon noticing that he was sitting close to her, Pattie eyed him curiously, rather intrigued of why had he decided to take a seat next to her pole. As it was, all of the other women in the house were shaped like pin-ups, with voluptuous legs, bottoms and chests — they always made Pattie feel gangly dancing there with her long and skinny limbs, and although her chest was something that could call one’s attention, that was not enough to make up for the other girls. She was really the less pretty one there, and clearly the one who would never call his attention.

But then again, George Harrison was sitting next to her pole, God knows why, but he was. Like every other night, Pattie didn’t have a lot of clothes on: All she really wore was a black, sparkly bikini, long fishnet stockings and knee high boots, glitter spread all over her skin. It was cold as hell, even more with the air conditioner on, of course, but with time, she’d gotten used to it. And now that George was sitting so close to her, Pattie felt a little more agitated and gave her best to seduce him, hoping that he would be the one to request a private room, as opposed to the other fella.

Slowly, Pattie turned to him and her body lowered, more and more, until she did a split right in front of George, her legs now placed at each side. The other man, not quite caring about the attention she was paying him, placed 50 bucks in the garter that rested on her thigh — which she certainly allowed. The man, however, seemed unsatisfied as he furthered the touch by groping the inside of her leg, to which she responded by closing her legs quickly and standing up again.

”No touching,” she shouted. The main rule of the house. Men can look, but never touch. Unless… unless they wanted to pay for an extra, unofficially. But not all girls did that, and certainly not all costumers actually knew that. Though, no matter how much she wanted that George was the first to request privacy, Pattie played indifferent, as she would always do. Her eyes would often meet his own, but as she danced, Pattie made sure to give both clients equal attention.

As soon as he found himself comfortable enough upon the cushioned chair situated just a fraction or so away from the dancer, the musician fell back against it and watched intently as she spun a web of magic. It was almost as though she was a black widow; her seduction a mere moment away from ensnaring him without that invisible silk. She was certainly a sight for sore eyes and as he sat there, gazing longingly in her direction, wonder filled him right to the bone. It was apparent she knew exactly how to play this little game and though the rules forbid any member of the public from reaching out to touch, he found himself struggling a bit to restrain himself. He wanted to touch; he had to touch, even if it would get him kicked out.

His groin ached with wantonness that had been building since he first entered the club and though the pretty girl danced into the depths of hell, igniting flames with every step she took, his hunger found no satisfaction and he wanted something more. There were many ways in which he might accomplish what it was he desired, but he didn’t much favour the thought of being tossed out on his arse for laying his hands where they did not belong. As tempting as it was, he managed to hold back long enough to witness the result of being touchy feely and it didn’t seem right to disrespect the girl in such a way. He knew the rules; he’d been in here before and this one seemed about ready to start a fight with anyone who chose to break ‘em - so he let his cravings lie a while longer, debating what he might be able to do instead.

The soft thump of music surrouding the dainty club heightened the awe buried deep within the atmosphere and for a minute or two, he felt himself slip into a trancelike state, though it didn’t last too long. He enveloped the sight of her, accompanied by the enlargement inside of his pants and found it nigh impossible to ignore it any longer. He had to have her, but on those grounds, he wasn’t fully aware of the rules set in motion for those who requested just a little bit of privacy with one of the long-legged girls. Each knew how to swing their hips so the world began to spin within the customers eyes and right now, George felt no different to a rotating door. Her body moved with the grace of a snake upon golden sands and he was hooked; he had to have her, repeatedly if it took longer than he would have liked to satify all of the heat and burning passion stirring his insides into scalding turmoil.

Love…" he spoke up, his voice hoarse from not having said a word since he got here and it became obvious when he tried to clear his throat a little before continuing. Might I, er… grab a room with you, or somethin’?" he realised this was a poor manner of asking but he didn’t know where to put himself, given the other male seated no more than a few inches away as he too watched the woman with longing. Might he have to put up a bit of a fight to make this happen; to get his own way? The only word that ran through his mind was yesand that he’d do so in a heartbeat if it meant he could have her be only his for the night. He had more than enough money to keep her happy - just as much as she would be able to keep him happy.

rxllover-beethoven sent: ✏, ♎
✏ - Why did you choose your muse?

I believe, initially, I chose him as a muse because he resembled someone I love very much — but at the time I created this account, he and I were no longer together and George was, for me a ray of light. I lost someone I spent eight/nine years with and so, I turned to someone who, to me, look remarkly identical to him. Aside from that unimportant detail, George Harrison is one of the most wonderful people to have lived and it’s always an experience every time I’m actually active on here. I know I disappear far too much and there are reasons; I might get into those at some point. But basically, it gets really emotional on here for me. I find it hard at times to keep my spirits lifted, because he isn’t around anymore and it’s just really tough.

♎ - What is one thing you love about your writing? 

There used to be a small collection of things I admired about my own abilities when it came to writing, but over the last year or two, I feel that I’ve been slacking terribly and all that inspiration I once had for creating stories, has long since left me. It’s somewhat of a struggle to get threads done and dusted these days and I’ve no real idea as to why that happened, or what caused it in the first place, but I’m working on it.

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✏ - Why did you choose your muse? 
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♎ - What is one thing you love about your writing? 
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I am obviously bored.

I am obviously bored.