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Anonymous sent: She smiled faintly at his words before nodding. "Okay." She closed her eyes then opened them again. "Did you run into David and Irina?" She asked. She hadn't seen her husband and daughter since yesterday.

George’s lips curled into a small smile and he nodded, David is the one who gave me a call, actually. And your little one.. she’s really grown since I last saw her — she’s looking a whole lot like her mother, too.

Anonymous sent: "I fucked up. Well my kidneys did." She chuckled lightly trying to light up the mood. "They gave up a week ago. I finally got my new kidneys last night, uncle George." She rested her head on her pillow and sighed. "It hurts a lot, though."

I imagine it would—he paused there and took the time to scan the ward, noticing there was but one other patient, across the room from his niece. It was painfully quiet, but hospitals were as such, he knew. Though a frown creased his brows as he leant down to brush his lips against her forehead, he could not hold onto his annoyance over the lack of communication.

It would have been nice to know what was happening, as opposed to being told by someone he barely knew. The frustration he felt was difficult to control and yet, seeing her in so much pain, eased all of that irritation and in the blink of an eye, it was gone. He took a seat directly beside her and held one of her hands in both of his, smiling warmly as her eyes fluttered shut every once in a while. She was obviously in need of further rest.

You get some sleep, love. I’ll be here still when you wake up; you’ll be just fine.

Anonymous sent: "Uncle George, what are you doing here?" Sabiena looked up at the male walking towards her. She tried sitting up in the hospital bed but winced in pain and held onto her sides.

His expression was one of torment as he reached her bedside and for a moment, only silence followed her question, as it took him a while to put all the pieces together. Why she thought not speaking a word of her condition to him would keep struggles at bay, he would never know; the thought alone of believing she didn’t want him to know, upset him greatly.

What am I doing here..? — what are you doing here, is a question that needs an answer.


So, I saw this on my dashboard and omfg it’s soooo so so so so cute

So, I saw this on my dashboard and omfg it’s soooo so so so so cute

impattieboyd sent: Convince me? ((i'll let you decide the number ;3))

16. Stay up late to see a rare astrological sight with them


I know you’re not overly fond of standing on the porch in your jammies
for a couple of hours to witness somethin’ so beautiful, but dya think you might
consider it, just this once? Meteor showers might be common someplace else, but
'round here.. well, it' doesn't happen all that much — will you stay and watch it with me?