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Okay, I am not a football fan but I have a heart and though the disaster happened two years before I was born, it’s only right to remember those who were killed. Twenty five years ago today, 96 Liverpool fans lost their lives amidst a horrible incident that could have easily been prevented. This is just a little post to acknowledge that it happened and that no one will ever be forgotten; they will never walk alone. I hope this comes as a reminder to some of my followers; those who know what happened at Sheffield on April 15th 1989 — for others, you’ll probably have no idea, but nonetheless… pay your respects to those people today.


{Alrighty then, I have new followers and there are messages, a handful, in my askbox right now, but as I haven’t got a muse for George, I won’t be on this account for interactions until I get him back. I’ll be checking here every day, but there’ll be no replies to threads or asks until.. well.. whenever he decides to come back to me. People need to read this — I don’t want my askbox clogged up too much and bear in mind, tumblr likes to eat things (both as they are sent and if they have been sitting there too long, apparently), so I will let people know when I’m active to be sure questions go through and I actually receive them. Please do read this.}

{I’m really sorry for not being too active on here recently. I probably won’t be for a while yet because another muse has my full attention and I’m kind of going through something in relation to that. Reliving old memories and stuff and it’s all connected, so if you ever want to talk to me, I will be on my Gerard accunt. I do miss all of you, very much, but I haven’t got a muse for George at the moment and need to spend a short while elsewhere.}

camillelafaye sent: {I feel so bad for loving your fieriness}

{Lmfao, I don’t usually snap at people but there was so much ignorance in that. I’m so mad right now. Heading over to Gee before I commit murder.}

Anonymous sent: You destroyed me when you started ignoring me. I just wish we had worked things out instead of marrying someone we didn't love as much as each other. I don't think you'll ever love Olivia as much as you loved me. Think about it. -Pattie Boyd

{I have no idea who this is, but please do not send me asks like this. I don’t like them; there’s no need for them. Drama like this is irrelevant and that last sentence pissed me the fuck off. Please, don’t.}



George Harrison - Got My Mind Set On You

impattieboyd sent: i want a birthday spanking

One for every year, kitten?